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The PHOTOS Section of the Minthis Golf Club Members website.

When designing the website it was felt that while most members do not mind photos of them being seen by other members they do not want these to be made available to the general public who visit the website. The photos are therefore protected by a password that should be obvious to the members, but not to the public at large.



  1. Use the dropdown lists to input the pasword - the (familiar) christian name of the Scottish Caddy Master followed by the first letter of his surname e.g. Bob W) then press the "Click" button.
  2. A camera icon will appear after each event. Click on the relevant icon to see the photos taken of that event.
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2023-06-272023 Greenkeepers Revenge Day handicaps
2021-11-202021 Minthis Open handicaps
2021-09-052021 Captains Shoot Out handicaps
2021-06-302021 Greenkeepers Revenge Day handicaps
2021-06-222020 Awards Presentation handicaps
2020-08-222020 Captains Charity handicaps
2019-11-302019 St Andrews Day handicaps
2019-11-062019 Gwen Birthday Comp handicaps
2019-11-022019 Joke Alexandrou Open handicaps
2019-10-132019 New 10th Hole handicaps
2019-09-112019 Captains Charity Day handicaps
2019-06-212019 Captains Day handicaps
2019-06-042019 World Ladies Day handicaps
2019-04-032019 Meet and Greet handicaps
2018-11-242018 Minthis Open handicaps
2018-10-13Joke Aleaxndrou Open handicaps
2018-07-262018 Captains Day handicaps
2018-07-222018 Celts v England handicaps
2018-07-142018 KEO Open handicaps
2018-06-05World Womans Day 2018 handicaps
2018-04-25Mixed Open handicaps
2018-01-26Annual Dinner Dance 2018 handicaps
2017-11-25Minthis Hills Open 2017 handicaps
2017-10-10October Meet and Greet handicaps
2017-09-24CGF Seniors Open 2017 handicaps
2017-09-10Joke Alexandrou Open handicaps
2017-08-19Captains Day handicaps
2017-07-15KEO Open handicaps
2017-06-06World Womens Golf Day handicaps
2017-06-03Lachlan Gilchrist Open handicaps
2017-05-13Captain,s Charity Day handicaps
2017-05-02Meet and Greet handicaps
2017-04-12Mixed Open handicaps
2017-01-28Snow at Minthis Hills handicaps
2017-01-27Annual Dinner Dance handicaps
2016-09-03Ray Stock Open handicaps
2016-08-28Captain,s Day handicaps
2016-07-16KEO Open handicaps
2016-06-25Lachie Gilchrist Open handicaps
2016-04-13MH Mixed Open handicaps